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The author has since 1970 been Professor at the University of Wales Bangor, and is now Emeritus Professor. He has over 145 articles. He is the originator of the widely used terms `convenient category, and `higher dimensional algebra', both of which reflect themes in his work. He has also written widely on general issues in teaching and research, and on the Popularisation of Mathematics, and has given lecture/ demonstrations to audiences with ages ranging from 8 to 80, and in disciplines ranging from mathematics to neuroscience and art. He has been fortunate in many happy mathematical collaborations and many research students who have made great contributions. Another happy collaboration is with the sculptor John Robinson who, with Ben Dickens, designed the book cover. The front cover is based on the sculpture `Journey', and the author photo includes the sculpture `Immortality', whose title reflects the idea: `passing on the torch of life'. Both sculptures are based on the Mobius Band. For more information on John's work, see the popmath and John Robinson (Bradshaw Foundation) web sites.