History of the Exhibition and Acknowledgements


The original version of this exhibition was produced as 16 A2 boards for the PopMaths Roadshow in 1989. This opened at Leeds University and the exhibition then travelled over the UK as part of the Roadshow.

It has since been shown at, among others:

Swansea 1990
Southhampton 1992
Edinburgh Science Fair 1993
Coventry Teachers Centre
Royal Institution:
Friday Evening Discourse
'Out of Line', Ronald Brown, May 1992

The production of this exhibition for the PopMaths Roadshow led to the association with John Robinson.


The exhibition would not have been produced without design advice from Robert Williams, Jill Evans, Philip Steele and Tony Griffiths.
The drawings were by John Round. Further assistance came from the International Guild of Knot Tyers and Gwen Gardner.


Committee for the Public Understanding of Science
University of Wales, Bangor
London Mathematical Society
British Ropes Ltd/Bridon
Anglesey Aluminium plc
Midland Bank plc
Ferranti plc
British Gas
Pilkington plc

We are very grateful to all the sponsors of the original exhibition, without whom none of this would have taken place.
We are also grateful to the London Mathematical Society Education Committee for a grant for the production of the World Wide Web version of the Exhibition. Additional support for this came from the Philip Trust.

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