Errata `Topology and groupoids' First printing

Not surprisingly, there are a few corrections, and this list will be updated periodically.

July 2012: p.379, Ex 9: "define a factor" should be "define a functor"

February, 2011: I have found that the bibliography has a wrong ordering of the entries, so I have compiled a new version with the correct order, which may be downloaded as pdf file here.

Misprints in the first April 3, 2006, printing, corrected in the May 17, 2006 printing

p.ii replace `informtation' by `information'

p. viii l.16 replace `nations' by `notions'

p.xii l.14 replace `mew section' by `new sections'

p.xxi diagram and the following paragraph: \mathbb I should be I

p.157 l.-9 Replace `homeomorphism' by `homomorphism'.

p.309 l.3 The first reference should be to J.P. May `A concise course in algebraic topology', Chicago University Press, revised version downloadable from Peter May's web page.

l.4 [Bro73] should be [Bro70]

p.311 l.11 omit one of the `between'

p.312 l.14 replace `form' by `from'

l.10 replace `rom' by `from'

p.333 In 8.4.1, it is necessary to assume C is totally disconnected, so that in what follows we do not need y and in the formulae in the statement and proof we replace y by x. This makes it quite clear that in the proof of the Corollary, ρ does preserve, or if you like, kill, the relations.

l.-9 replace `section' by `chapter'.

p.336 l.8 Insert `form' after `normal'.

p.393 l.9 replace [Bro73] by [Bro87].

p.423 Exercise 1. Replace the final `G' by `N'.

Misprints still found in the May 17, 2006, printing

p.14 Exercise 1.3.2 The codomain of the function should be [0,2].

p.104 Exercise 3(iii) should read x2y2 = 1, not   x2y2 = 0.

Chapter 9. p.342, 343: The term `0-identification map' should be replaced by `universal morphism'.

p.354,  356, 357 references to 9.1.9 (Corollary) should be to 8.4.2 (Corollary)

The above are corrected in the May 21, 2007, printing by Bookforce.

Misprint found October 12, 2008

p.392 10.6.4 (Corollary 1) Replace H(x)/C by G(px)/C

Misprint found July 30, 2009

p. 417, l.6 replace φ* p = φ by φ* p* = φ

Mistakes found September, 2011

p. 231 The definition of constant homotopy should be that F(x,ι) is an identity for all objects x of C.

p. 371 l.-11 , -8 Replace second `=' by `-'.

p.497 The symbols for the unit interval groupoid for p. 217, 233 should be I.

January, 2013

February, 2013

p. 9 In Exercise 7, the right hand sides of the two equations in (b), (c) should have "a" replaced by "f(a)".

p.14 Exercise 2. The function should have range [0,2], not [0,1].

February 2014
p.476 ref [Die71] Should have title `Partitions of unity in homotopy theory'. And the name should be "tom Dieck, Tammo"

p.353 I am preparing a correction for this section, [See below for April 2.] since the proof of 9.2.1 assumes X1, X2 are connected, as pointed out by Omar Camarena. This problem is related to work on the Phtagmen Brouwer property in [Wil49], which proves two formulations of the PBP are equivalent for locally connected spaces, and one of which is essentially the version for which this proof works. Also relevant is the proof of the Jordan Curve Theorem in [Mun75], which uses covering spaces rather than groupoids for this type of result.

March 3, 2014

It has been pointed out that the Hausdorff hypothesis in Chapter 10 on Covering Spaces is actually unnecessary! It is not used.

April 2, 2014

A correction is needed to the Section on the Phragmen-Brouwer Property and the details are in Brouwer correction, 6 pages. arXiv: 0948151

April 4, 2014

An omission from the Symbol Glossary is [x], for a real number x; it is the "floor" of x, i.e. the greatest integer less tnan or equal to x.

April 9, 2015

Exercise 14 of Section 3.6, p. 95.
We also need to assume f is closed and surjective.

July 13, 2015

I have some comments/corrections from Eric Auld, a first year graduate student at UCLA.

p. 94. Exercise 6. The term "homeomorphism into" should be replaced by "embedding". The first term is actually in the index and refers to p.44, which defines only an "embedding".

p.95 Exercise 13. The assumption "Im f is closed" is redundant since f is proper, and X is closed.

p.103. l. -13. In the sentence beginning "Also, if A is saturated, ..." the condition given holds for all A, so the phrase between commas can be omitted.

p.112, Exercise 3. It seems that the assusmption that A is closed is unnecessary. The relevant information is in 4.3.1.

August 23, 2015

P. 239, Exercise 12 of Section 6.6, : The open cover U must contain all binary intersections of its members. A better statement of this result is in terms of coequalisers, as in the paper [BR84], available from my publication list, as [41].

p.239 Exercise 11 of Section 6.6. The category C has to be assumed to be non empty.

September 11, 2016

p.131, Exercise 6. Replace ``if and only if" by ``if". Also, give an example where the converse is false.

January 2020

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