by Ronald Brown

  1. D.A. WALLER,
    The topology of homotopy bundles, (Liverpool, 1969).
    Died of Lukaemia in 1975 while a Lecturer at Swansea.
  2. P.R. HEATH,
    Groupoid operations, fibre homotopy equivalences and duality, (Hull, 1969).
    Professor, Memorial University, Newfoundland.
  3. P.I. BOOTH,
    Mapping spaces in homotopy theory, (Hull, 1972, by published work).
    Professor, Memorial University, Newfoundland.
  4. P.E.D. STRAIN
    Categories for abstract homotopy theory, (Cambridge, 1976).
    Retired Lecturer, Open University.

    University of Wales Ph.D's.

  5. A.K. SEDA,
    Topological groupoids: measures and representations, (1974).
    Lecturer, University College, Cork.
  6. J.P.L. HARDY,
    Topological groupoids: covering and universal constructions, (1974).
    Professor of Sports Science, University of Wales, Bangor.
    Union theorems for groupoids and double groupoids, (1976).
    Professor, Universitii Kabangsan, Malaysia.
  8. M.K. DAKIN,
    Kan complexes and multiple groupoids, (1977). Then worked in the defence industry.
  9. N.K. ASHLEY,
    T-complexes and crossed complexes, (1978).
  10. A. ABD-ALLAH,
    Partial maps in algebra and topology, (1979).
    Mapping class groups, graphs and symplectic geometry, (1983).
    Professor, Brigham Young University.
  12. D.W. JONES
    Poly-T-complexes, (1984).
    Sheep farmer, Mid Wales.
  13. G.J. ELLIS,
    Crossed modules and their higher dimensional analogues, (1984).
    Lecturer, University College, Galway.
    Professor from September, 2011.
  14. H. HARASANI,
    Topos theoretic methods in general topology , (1988).
    This gives links to pdf files (July, 2013).
  15. G.H. MOSA,
    Higher dimensional algebroids and crossed complexes, (1987).
    Lecturer, Zarka College, Jordan.
    This is now (May, 2009) available through the above link.
  16. M. A.-F. E.-S. AOF,
    Topological aspects of holonomy groupoids, (1987).
    Lecturer, Assiut University. Resulted in this publication: The holonomy groupoid of a locally topological groupoid"
    Automorphism structures for graphs, (1990) .
  18. F. AL-AGL,
    Aspects of multiple categories, (1990).
  19. O. MUCUK,
    Coverings, and monodromy, for Lie groupoids, (1993).
    Lecturer, Erciyes University, Turkey.
  20. A. P. TONKS,
    (1993). Theory and applications of crossed complexes
    Lecturer, North London University.
    Lecturer, Leicester University
  21. I. IÇEN,
    A 2-dimensional notion of holonomy, (1996). link
    Lecturer, Inonu University, Turkey.
  22. Anne HEYWORTH, (Supervised with C.D. Wensley),
    Applications of Rewriting Systems and Groebner Bases to Computing Kan Extensions
    and Identities Among Relations, (1999). pdf
    Research Assistant in Computer Science, Leicester, till 2004.
    Part time Lecturer, Coleg Menai.
  23. Emma MOORE, (Supervised with C.D. Wensley),
    Graphs of groups: word computations and free crossed resolutions, (2001). link
    Moved to Australia.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I would like to thank all of the above, whose contribution as young people to the overall research programme has been immense, with many key ideas, as is partially apparent from my publication record. Many of the thesis areas set were very hard, and are still the subject of research depending on these contributions.

All students have been greatly helped by colleagues at Bangor, particularly Tim Porter and Chris Wensley.

I can't resist quoting an apochryphal dedication to a PhD thesis, as related to me by Michael Barratt, many years ago.

"I am grateful to Professor X., whose wrong conjectures and fallacious proofs led me to the theorems he had overlooked."

(Sounds like good supervision!)

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