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Some publications in non-abelian homological and homotopical algebra

This Bibliography lists some papers and books on multiple categories and groupoids, non-linear homological algebra, and related areas directly relevant to the themes developed in the accompanying article on Higher dimensional group theory.

The list is not complete, and should be thought of more as an entry point into the literature. It is hoped to develop it over time. The paper "Some problems in non abelian homological and homotopical algebra" gives some 35 problems or problem areas in this field.

I have given a separate and fuller bibliography on the non abelian tensor product.

This bibliography should be related to papers on Lie groupoids, Lie algebroids and Lie pseudoalgebras in a bibliography compiled by Kirill Mackenzie.

Papers added in 2004 are coloured brown.

September 25, 2008  The subject is advancing so much that it is not possible for me to keep this list up to date. See also the n-category cafe and the ncatlab.

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