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Nonabelian Algebraic Topology :
filtered spaces, crossed complexes, cubical homotopy groupoids  by Ronald Brown, Philip J. Higgins, Rafael Sivera (description of new book: xxxv+668 pages, full pdf downloadable as hyperref e-book; EMS Tract vol 15, ISBN 978-3-13719-083-8, August 2011).
This gives a new foundation for algebraic topology, relying on a Seifert-van Kampen Theorem for the fundamental crossed complex of a filtered space, which allows new proofs of some classical theorems such as the Relative Hurewicz Theorem; it also allows new calculations of some nonabelian second relative homotopy groups, not available by traditional methods of singular homology and simplicial approximation. Indeed, it allows computation of some homotopy 2-types, based on calculations with crossed modules. Dealing with algebraic models of homotopy types requires a different approach to algebraic topology than the classical one.

Higher dimensional group theory  web article started 1996

Nonabelian tensor product of groups : this is a link to a bibliography of 161 items on this topic, initiated in items [42] and [51].

Groupoids web article  

Articles on Popularisation and Teaching

Mathematics and Knots:  click here to see the sculptures of John Robinson and the exhibition Mathematics and Knots.

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DPhil Thesis: `Some problems in algebraic topology: a study of function space, function complexes, and FD-complexes' Submitted December, 1961, 140 pages. Complete thesis 154 pages The final Appendix was recalled from the exam and superceded by my first two papers.


a. Elements of Modern Topology, McGraw Hill, Maidenhead, 1968 (out of print in 1972).
b. (coedited with T.L. Thickstun), Low-Dimensional Topology, (Volume 1 of the conference on Topology in Low Dimension, Bangor 1979), London Math. Soc. Lecture Notes No. 48 (1982). (this is now available again from CUP).
c. Topology: a geometric account of general topology, homotopy types, and the fundamental groupoid, Ellis Horwood, Chichester (1988) 460 pp. revised edition of (a). (out of print in 1992).
Topology and Groupoids, Booksurge PLC, 2006, revised and updated edition of (c).
e. Nonabelian algebraic topology, with P.J. Higgins and R. Sivera, EMS Tracts in Mathematics, vol 15, 703 pages.

Other output

(i) ``How mathematics gets into knots'', London Mathematical Society Popular Lectures Video Series, (1987) 50 min.
(ii) ``Mathematics and knots'', Exhibition of 16 A2 boards, designed by R.Brown, N.D.Gilbert, and T.Porter, Mathematics and Knots, Bangor, 1989. Exhibited at the Royal Society/ Joint Mathematical Council Pop Maths Roadshow, 1989-90; British Association for the Advancement of Science, Swansea, 1990; National Science Festival, Edinburgh, 1994.
(iii) ``Pivoted lines and the M\"obius Band'', Computer Graphics Video, Storyline by R. Brown, Programming by Ramen Sen, Mathematics and Knots / IBM UK 4min. (1992). See the end of Pivoted lines and the Möbius Band.
(iv) ``Symbolic Sculptures and Mathematics'',
Symbolic Sculptures and Mathematics
Sculptures: John Robinson. Production: Cara Quinton. Mathematics: Ronald Brown. Edition Limitée; Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics, 1996.
(v)Web Site
Knot Exhibition Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics, 1997.
(vi) `Raising public awareness of mathematics': This was a CDRom published for World Mathematics Year 2000 and funded by the EC.
It is largely incorporated in this web site .



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Rough Analysis of types of output

Papers on teaching: 10a, 56, 67, 80, 81, 87, 90, 99, 100, 153, 169, 174.

Papers on Popularisation: 63, 64, 65, 77, 79, 83, 101, 103, 106, 108, 117, 127, 128, 133, 161.

General expositions: 58, 78, 111, 112, 135, 136

Research Papers: The rest.


 Papers in preparation

P2. (with C.D.WENSLEY), ``On sorting sequences''. 02.25 BROWN, R. & HIGGINS, P.J.
The fundamental groupoid of the quotient of a Hausdorff space by a discontinuous action of a discrete group is the orbit groupoid


Preprints not yet published

82.2 ``Holonomy and monodromy groupoids'', U.C.N.W. Pure Math. Preprint 82.2, 10pp.
86.4 ``A convenient category of topological spaces: historical note'', U.C.N.W. Pure Math. Preprint 86.4, 3pp.
88.11 (with G.H.MOSA), ``Double categories, $R$-categories, and crossed modules'', U.C.N.W. Mathematics Preprint 88.11, 13pp.
89.12 (with N.D. GILBERT and J. SHRIMPTON), ``Symmetry objects in closed categories'', 24pp.
90.23 ``The sculptures of John Robinson'', 9pp.
91.14 (with N.D.GILBERT, H.-J.HOEHNKE and J.SHRIMPTON), ``Non-Abelian tensor products of groups; groupoids; quadratic forms; and higher order symmetry'', 53pp, UCNW Math Preprint 91.14.

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